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Quentin Miller – Love Costs. Lyrics

[Intro] Yuh [Chorus] You gon’ ride for me? You gotta show me Said you down for me, you gotta show me If I was down, would you leave me lonely? What your love cost, ’cause it ain’t free You got your own, girl you doin’ okay She like Louis Vuitton, she like Dolce I can’t f*ck around, no I won’t play I need all […]

Young Ellens – Dior Lyrics

[Songtekst van “Dior”] [Intro] ‘K hoef mezelf niet te warren man Jordan, schande man! Ben met Wayne vandaag man (Hé) Nek Ha-ha-ha-ha (Ooooooh) Aah! [Chorus] Ik ben never lacking, beter zoek je dekking! Heb een young nigger met die automatic En me Louboutin’s doen de Blood Walk Off-White’s of die Triple S, en we swipen Dior, Dior Ha-ha-ha-ha (Ooooooh) En we swipen Dior, Dior […]

Valee – Jay Leno Lyrics

Play this song [Chorus] At the bank, gettin’ out twenty racks You worried ’bout change for your twenty back I’m in a old school with the dope in the back I might rock Hermès in the Cadillac I’m smokin’ exotic, no cataract I got a bad bitch, know how to act Man, I fuck her three times, I’m tired […]

Kap G – The Bomb Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] La la la la la la bamba (Squat made the beat) [Chorus] La la la la la la bamba Shake that ass, yeah What you gon’ do for that bag? Yeah Spend it like it my last, yeah Spend it, make it all back La la la la la la bamba Shawty bad, yeah All […]

Quando Rondo – Double C’s Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] CashMoneyAP (16yrold) [Chorus] Double C, I be crippin’, yeah, the hard way Double B’s, I was broke and now I’m ballin’ Double G’s, I be rockin’ Gucci all day Double cup for the mud, I keep on pourin’ Double C, I be crippin’, yeah, the hard way Double B’s, I was broke and now I’m […]

Young Thug – What’s Your Move Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Young Thug] (BL$$D) I just let lil’ mama suck me up, girl Bitch tryna grind [?] of the both, girl I jumped out the Porsche and when straight up girl (Straight up girl) You can leave your trousers here, you know the world [Bridge: Young Thug] What the move? I’m tired […]

Stitches – I’m the Plug Lyrics

[Chorus] When I went to Mexico I met my plug A thousand bricks on the front, he showed me love (he showed me love) Got on a private jet, I’m in Columbia Met a Columbian and then I fell in love (Mami) Who am I? I’m a drug dealer baby (yeh) Who am I? They […]

Key Glock – Since 6ix Lyrics

[Chorus] I was just 6, playin’ with sticks, yeah I ran it up, now I’m lit, yeah Now this young nigga gettin’ rich, yeah I used to take shit like the Grinch, yeah (Take somethin’) Shit don’t make no sense, uh (No) Boy your pockets full of lint, and (Broke) Nigga ain’t talkin’ ’bout shit […]

Kanye West – Because of You (Remix) Lyrics

[Verse 1: Kanye West] Yeezy, Ne-Yo, the remix ayo I think it’s time to hit ’em with the Mase flow My uh, she was gettin the best of me But oooh, child, you my destiny And I know it’s especially Hard with all these girls just testing me Uh, and you gon’ question me If […]

French Montana – No Stylist lyrics

[Intro: French Montana, Mountain & Kodak Black] Ooh Yeah, louder Hey, hey I’m in London, got my beat from London [Chorus: French Montana] Iced out (stylist), no stylist (stylist) New Chanel, Saint Laurent, Gucci bag (huh, haan) Lifestyle (stylist), no stylist (stylist) Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choos, that’s on you (haan) Diamonds on my neck, frozen […]

88rising – JAPAN 88 Lyrics

[Intro: Famous Dex] You know what I’m sayin’ I just- that’s just how I like to do it, know what I’m sayin’ (Dexter) My real name is Dexter, haha I got a lot of more diamonds too I just got new diamonds by the way Uh, woah Dexter, huh Uh, yeah, uh what Baby girl, […]

MadeinTYO – Ned Flanders lyrics

(feat. A$AP Ferg) [Intro] K. Swisha [Verse 1: MadeinTYO & A$AP Ferg] Ooh, all of them bitches exotic Cars robotic, we go retarded (hooh) Hop in a foreign, don’t need the top When I get home, I need the top (wow) Louis Vuitton when I leave the house (skrrt) She got a ass and a […]

Cardi B – Rollin lyrics

[Hook] Rollin’, rollin’, all my bitches rollin’ All my bitches rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ All my bitches rollin’ and I love that shit Them commas comin’ Rollin’, rollin’, all my bitches rollin’ Rollin’, rollin’ All my bitches rollin’ and I love that shit Them commas comin’ quick [Verse 1] Look, show you bitches how to do […]

The Weeknd – Six Feet Under lyrics

[Verse 1: The Weeknd] Ask around about her She don’t get emotional Kill off all her feelings That’s why she ain’t approachable She know her pussy got a fanbase A couple niggas with a suitcase Suit and tie niggas who play roleplay When it comes to money she play no games [Pre-Hook: The Weeknd] She […]

Slim Jxmmi – Players Club lyrics

[Intro] Check me out [Verse 1] My money right (Jxm), shit I might play with the extra (play with it) I’m on my shit, I don’t stress much (woo) I’m too ahead they can’t catch up (ayy) I looked at her purse, it was Louis Vuitton (count it up) She keep her hair and her […]

Desiigner – LA To NY (feat. A$AP Rocky) lyrics

[Intro] I move from LA to New York, yeah Choppin’ with the spoon or the fork, yeah Then I light your body with a torch, yeah (Damn son, where’d you get that from? Git, git) [Chorus] Yeah, I move from LA to New York (to New York) Uh, chop you with the spoon or the […]

Bhad Bhabie – Hi Bich Remix (feat. Rich The Kid, Asian Doll & MadeinTYO) lyrics

[Intro] Oh my God, Ronny [Chorus: Bhad Bhabie] White J’s, white Porsche White wrist, white horse Hi, bitch, hi, bitch Hi, bitch, hi, bitch I do not sniff it or roll it (no) It do not drip when I pour it (no) I do not run, I reload it I do not save it, I […]

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie – She Love A

[Intro] Ness on the beat [Chorus] She like, she don’t wanna fall in love, but she love A She get jealous, all her friends around her wanna fuck, ayy She thought I was stuck with her, so I left her stuck, ayy Yeah I know you feel offended, but you won’t touch, ayy She like, […]

Kodak Black – I Be On The Way Lyrics

[Chorus: Khalid] Put it in drive, I’ll be outside I be on the way I be on the way You can meet me in five I’ll be all night I’ll be all day I’ll be all day Put it in drive, I’ll be outside I be on the way I be on the way You […]

Hoodrich Pablo Juan – God Damn

[Chorus] She know she bad, I got that bag Foreign with 230 on the dash I could count cash fast Pouring up lean, go to sleep on them Xans Roll up gelato, three grams Stuffing my pocket with bands She cute, she having a hand I’m rich, I know I’m the man, yeah Ice on […]

Gucci Mane – Enormous (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)

[Intro: Ty Dolla $ign] I know somethin’ [Chorus: Ty Dolla $ign] It’s enormous (yeah) Throw this bag on you, give this cash to you It’s enormous (enormous, yeah) Aw yeah, aw yeah, aw yeah (OG Parker) It’s enormous (yeah, yeah) Throw this bag on you, give this cash to you It’s enormous (It’s Gucci!) Aw […]

Sevn Alias – Patsergedrag lyrics

Ik blow een stack, dat is patsergedrag Op die VIP-deck met een bitch en een fles, dat is patsergedrag Ik beef met je pekie, je ho op m’n lap, ben op patsergedrag Ik stress niet om ladies, chain om m’n nek, ben op patsergedrag Patsergedrag, dit is patsergedrag Alias, ik stress niet om ho’s enzo […]

Jadakiss – Big Dog Status Lyrics

Hustle get your bread back dice game head crack Hustle get your bread back dice game head crack Hustle get your bread back dice game head crack Felony possession of a firearm is a fed rap [ad-libs] I tried to walk away from my bad habits But I realized they bringing me mad cabbage I’m […]

Dave East – Found A Way (Paranoia Album)

[Tag] CashMoneyAP [Intro] I found a way It was so hard to get what I wanted, I found a way I had to sacrifice for this life, I found a way (Switch my whole life up) [Chorus] I found a way It was so hard to get what I wanted, I found a way (found […]

Don Q – Chosen One (Corner Stories Reloaded Album)

[Intro] It’s all about what you chasing at the end of the day You chasing a legacy or you chasing the charts So that’s how you gotta look at it right there, I’m chasing a legacy [Chorus] They call me the chosen one You know I’m the chosen one I got the gift I was […]

Don Q – Don Vito (Corner Stories Reloaded Album)

[Intro] Yeah You know what it is nigga, Highbridge shit Bitch they called me Don Vito [Verse 1] They call me Hollywood, I ain’t really with the gimmicks Yeah, I’m 100 ’til they end me .38 ain’t say a word but they hit them with a sentence Damn, I’m just praying they appeal ’em I […]

Don Q – 100 Mil (Corner Stories Reloaded Album)

[Hook:Don Q] Need a 100 Mil in the safe Need a 100 Mil in the safe All I ever wanted was a wraith Got a new plug outta state Got a Jewish lawyer for the case Got a new rari for the chase [Verse 1: Don Q] I cannot fuck with you internet hoes, you […]

Dirty flesh – Token lyrics

Lyrics Token – Dirty flesh I do what I wish My mom think I be losing my grip When it come to the bars, I’m a retard Ain’t nobody get stupid as this First grade I wasn’t using my whits Using my finger and using my fist Using my anger and using bad word Thank […]

Kodak Black – Boost My Ego (feat. Future)

[Intro: Future] It’s that Project Baby And we about fifteen up, you know what I mean? They ‘gon try take advantage of this money Shit coming in fast They know we ain’t got a blueprint of this shit We just came into this shit with it already [Chorus: Future] Baby mama flagein’, she don’t get […]

Dirty mouth – Lil Yachty lyrics

Lyrics Lil Yachty – Dirty Mouth Man, I’m on some sh*t right now I’m on some, some, some rich nigga sh*t Some millionaire sh*t ‘Cause lot of these niggas is pus*y All these niggas is broke I know these niggas is not doing what they pretend to be Suck my d*ck, b*tch.(dirty mouth) I don’t […]