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The Lonely Island – Oakland Nights Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1: Andy, Akiva] Step into my crib, everything smell like cool water And if you’re comin’ to mine you know it’s Drakkar Noir Now have a seat on this couch made of horse leather I’m told the horse that it’s from could run fast and far Whooo, That shit is sexy […]

Montana of 300 – Chiraq vs NY Lyrics

[Verse] They never thought it would happen this rappin’ stuff Was facing cases because I got caught with gats and stuff My haters thought I wouldn’t elevate from that trappin’ stuff And fuck twelve they want me back in the back with cuffs God knows my needs that’s why I never ask for much I […]

Bootsy Collins – Save What’s Mine For Me lyrics

Hey, here we go here And I’m Mr Macho Man too You know I don’t know how to say this to girl I ain’t supposed to show no weakness I’m the man around here, that’s what they tell me She better not givin’ away You got to save what’s mine for me Cos’ you know […]