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Queen Ifrica – Nah Lie Lyrics

(Chorus) Yow mi naw lie Da dance yah hot Jah know mi naw lie Buy anything it real wi naw try Wi table full a everything Anything a anything Yes a suh wi do wi thing Suh mi love the modeling Selector lets start more juggling (Verse 1) Marvin…..send message seh him waan fi touch […]

Dec 6, Style X – Me Love My Fatty Lyrics

Claims records, a Style X Yow short boss weh me fatty dehWeh me fatty deh, fattieeeeee Say dem a say me too littleAnd a say she too bigA call me matches and a call har fridgeSay di belly weigh hundredAnd one leg a fiftyBut any way, mek me tell you dis Me love my, Me […]