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Slipknot – People = Shit (Live at MSG 2009) Lyrics

[Spoken] And I’m tellin’ you right now, if they don’t get it by now, they never fucking will, because People Equal Shit [Intro] Ooh Yeah! Come on! Let me see your hands in the fucking air come on! Here we go again, motherfucker Oh yeah [Verse 1] Come on down and see the idiot right […]

Lil Wayne – Bloody Mary (feat. Juelz Santana)

[Intro] I’mma be alright because Dizzy alright [Verse 1: Juelz Santana] Uh, ok, time to make my mark I gave ’em a head start Now I’m on my Nicki shit, I don’t want no fraud Tryna’ raise the bar, grabbin’ like I passed the bar You would think I’m ridin’ bikes by the way I […]