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Stray Kids – Airplane Lyrics

[Romanized:] YAYA Bihaenggi bihaenggi Meolli tteona ollataja bihaenggi Neowa na hamkke taneun bihaenggi We are, we are eodideun gayo We are, we are neowaneun eodideunji gaji Okay eodideunji gaji jigu jeo kkeutkkaji Haewa dari batong teochihan hu dasi haega tteul ttaekkaji Mannal ttaemada naraganeun gibun Hansirado akkawo 1bun Akkyeobojago pullin sinbal kkeundo mot mukkeosseo Paran […]

This trans woman sparked Kuwait’s biggest LGBTQ movement in history

This trans woman sparked Kuwait's biggest LGBTQ movement in history Maha al-Mutairi filmed herself after being called in to the police station for being an openly transgender woman in Kuwait, where “imitating the opposite sex” is illegal. Her message went viral, and sparked a groundswell of support and attention for the LGBTQ community in the […]

James Blake – I’ll Come Too Lyrics

I’m gonna say what I need If it’s the last thing I do I do, I do, I do I knew that kind of mood I’ve thrown my hat in the ring I’ve got nothing to loose With you, with you, with you I knew that kind of mood I’ll go under your wing I’ll […]

Iran-Israel cyberattacks threaten unofficial rules of engagement

Iran-Israel cyberattacks threaten unofficial rules of engagement The World June 09, 2020 · 4:00 PM EDT By Ariel Oseran Player utilities Popout Share download Listen to the story. Commodities containers are seen at Shahid Rajaee harbor at Bandar Abbas port, Iran, Aug. 22, 2019. Credit: Nazanin Tabatabaee/West Asia News Agency/Reuters Share In late April, workers at a water […]

Show Me The Body – Six Fingers Thick Lyrics

All rope no bones I go deep down a well. Never Been well like a shot in the shell Leather boot smell stories I never tell. I smile in the sun For the back of a steel Severed from the Earth Is how I feel. I think about My lost ones before my meals How […]

Tres Coronas – Venenosas Lyrics (feat. Buju Banton)

Ahh aah Ja ja jaja Yeah PNO ,rocca parcero productions Straight from new york baby jaja!!! Sucia sucia ja ja ja ja nomas nomas yeah Tres coronas, no money no Money Ayo ayo ayo This chicas be thinking they f*cking free loaded loaded Conmigo se joden joden si no sueltan el (CULO!!!) Entre mas fina […]

Lil Baby – All In Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Cook that shit up, Quay [Verse 1] My mama been told me don’t give no poor performance And whatever you gon’ do, just do it Never thought ’bout doin’ music I was tryna build my phone up Contact full of drug abusers Ridin’ around with that mask tryna figure out what my cousin doin’ Prison with the Migos, found out […]

The Game – The Code Lyrics

Play this song [Chorus: 21 Savage & The Game] Live by the code, die by the code, never been a ho Bury me before I sell my soul Live by the code, die by the code, never been a ho Bury me before I sell my soul AK with the stock (Stock), thirty on the […]

Dave East – Need a Sign Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] If you ask me, since Harlem, our family’s always been like It’s been the best of times, it was the worst of times (Worst) I needed a sign 2008, my mother passes away (RIP) I’m at rock bottom Dave’s with me through my mother’s situation (Yeah, I was) But he’s still playin’ basketball, he’s doing […]

Kevin Gates – Icebox Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Shit Yeah, I’m feelin’ like that I’m in New York right now, you heard? I’m a different kinda animal when I’m up here (I’m a silverback) D-D-Daytrip took it to ten (Hey) [Chorus] Takin’ these journeys where I’ma need an interpreter Haven’t had a problem I couldn’t solve with the murderers Forced entry, home invasion, […]

Lil Tecca – Amigo Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] I like this song We love you, Tecca Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah [Chorus] I just ran into your chick, ooh, she like that Just mixed the Bape with the Simons, my bad And you fell in love, so sad You wish that you could go back to when she said call back He […]

G-Eazy – Bang Lyrics

Play this song [Chorus: Tyga] Ayy, I’m a balla, baby, he ain’t got no game I’m a big dog, baby, rock big chains And I need a super freak like Rick James Pop that ass for me, baby, make that shit bang, bang, bang Make that shit bang, bang, bang Make that shit bang, bang, […]

Vampire Weekend – Jerusalem, New York, Berlin Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] I know I loved you then I think I love you still But this prophecy of ours Has come back dressed to kill Three stones on a mountain Three small holes in a field You’ve given me the big dream But you can’t make it real [Chorus] O, wicked world […]

P!nk – 90 Days Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: P!nk] No-no-no, no-no-no, no Hey No-no-no, no-no-no, no [Verse 1: P!nk] We’re driving in a black car And it’s blacked out and we’re spinnin’ We’re listening to “Fast Car” And you’re driving fast and you’re singin’ Don’t wanna tell you what I’m feelin’ Don’t want this night to hit a ceiling […]

Dreezy – Play Wit Ya Lyrics

[Intro] Day trip took it to 10 [Chorus] Don’t give no fuck off the Henny Drinking it right out the pitcher (Yeah) Pop a little bitch, photobomb Croppin’ you right out the picture (Cut It) Hot but can’t get my number (No) I curve him as soo as he pitch (Sorry) Head-to-toe in Saint Laurent […]

Eamon – Born and Bred Lyrics

Born and bred in the dungeon, ain’t it something I’ve been fed in abundance pain and suffering Just when you thought that you were getting on out On my knees begging, hoping you light this fire The fifth borough, late night on the corner, mob ties, everybody’s gotta line of order Wu-Tang shout when the […]

Lin-Manuel Miranda – Cheering For Me Now Lyrics

[Intro] So they’re cheering for me now In the streets, hear them cheering for me now Right up Broadway, they’re cheering for me now And one day, all the enemies I’ve made might hold their own parade But not today [Verse 1] I came here with nothing Like hundreds before me And millions behind me […]

Jaden Smith – FALLEN Part 2 Lyrics

[Intro] Let your heart just rest on mine girl The more I love, the more I like Let your heart just rest on mine girl The more I love, the more I like Let your heart just rest on mine girl Look at yours, it’s alright I just wanna hold you tight girl The more […]

Dave East – No Pork Lyrics

Life Live it You only get one [Verse 1] Make a couple dollars think you cool, until your kids gettin’ followed after school We ain’t never followed rules I just want the crib that got the pool Niggas jumped him, he went home and got his tool, shorty fed up Everything on the line, you […]

Lil B – BasedGod Ish Lyrics

[Intro] Ayy man you already know it’s your boy Lil B We turnt up out here man We got everything worldwide Shout out to the East Coast, we in it [Verse] Fuck my bitch cause you based nigga In the hood with my hipster niggas and my skater niggas Wear pink, you ain’t based nigga […]

6ix9ine – BREAKIN IT DOWN Lyrics

[Hook: 6ix9ine & Hudson Flo] I’m breaking it down (stupid!) A scam, I heard that boy running around with the packs So I’m taking him down (yeah) Oh my gosh, they live by the cold (you fucking dummy) You know we ain’t making a sound (what) You thinking about playing around with my respect I’m […]

Kodaline – Brooklyn Lyrics

[Verse 1] I woke up miles away from home In a cheap hotel I was on my own Across the bridge I could see the lights of Brooklyn The traffic on those New York streets The yellow taxi’s underneath The shadows of the ever growing skylines [Chorus] I’m a hundred thousand miles away From Grafton […]

Bryson Tiller – Finesse Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah, wow They not ready for my new shit Yeah [Verse 1] I want my baby to have your eyes I’m going against my own advice Should I do New York? I can’t decide Fashion week is more your thing than mine I can’t even lie, I’d rather stay inside I can’t do suit […]

Dua Lipa – New York (Mend My Broken Heart Tonight) Lyrics

[Verse 1] Your kiss, your touch, your hold You know I want you all The darkness in my soul Tells me to let you go [Pre-Chorus] And I Need you tonight But I’m blinded by lights So I gotta learn to live without you [Chorus] So please, New York Mend my broken heart tonight Cause […]

6ix9ine – FEFE lyrics

[Intro: 6ix9ine, Nicki Minaj, & Baka] It’s f*ckin’ TR3YWAY! It’s King of New York, lookin’ for the Queen Uh, you got the right one L-let these-l-let these b-b-bitches know, nigga Queens, Brooklyn, brr, ah! Murda on the beat so it’s not nice! [Verse 1: 6ix9ine] Pussy got that wet, wet, got that drip, drip Got […]

Famous Dex – Change Up xD Lyrics

[ Intro ] I got you lil’ bro ( Your diamonds ain’t real, put the chain up ) 16 I told you, you got one Uh what, yeah, wait [ Hook: Famous Dex ] Your diamonds ain’t real, put the chain up Can’t fuck with fake niggas, man they change up, ooh Bad bitch, watch […]

Pitbull – Free Free Free Lyrics

[Intro: Pitbull] Now let me take you from Miami, the pineapple To New York, the big apple Now let’s escape, darling [Chorus: Theron Theron] Party jumpin’, until the morning Feeling free, free, free Hands keep waving, we misbehavin’ Feeling free, free, free Cause ain’t nobody ready to go home We gon’ keep it going all […]

XXXTENTACION – God Bless The Dead Lyrics

Remix By DJ FORGOTTEN [Verse 1 – XXXTENTACION] You ever seen a nigga hung with a gold chain? I’d rather sing about the same things that we claim Such is bashful, but niggas like the task force Mobbin’ on the streets and robbin’ stores in ski masks, bruh Niggas ask for peace in a riot […]

NEEDTOBREATHE – Darling lyrics

[Chorus] Darling, won’t you talk with me for a little while? We ain’t got nowhere to be, oh and I’ve come so many miles Darlin’, won’t you talk with me for a little while? Or at least until the baby cries or we both fall asleep [Verse 1] Oh I’ve been gone for so long […]

PHresher – Keep It Up (Remix) lyrics

(feat. Famous Dex) [Chorus] Keep it up, keep it up, keep it up (keep it up) Keep it up, keep it up, keep it up (keep it up) All of my niggas say freeze it up (freeze it up) She came with you, Imma leave with her (leave with her) Bad as hell, so I […]