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3D Na’Tee – Big Dawg

[Intro: 3D Na’Tee] (ah yeah, ah yeah) I’ve been putting on for the N.O (damn right) I’ve been the shit since you were blowing your Nintendo (damn right) Now me and Yankee in the intercontinental (damn right) Overseas making cheese like Sargento (damn right) I remember selling weed out the window (damn right) Fast forward […]

Father – Heartthrob

[Intro] Better call the cops I’m ’bout to run up on yo’ block Take shit that don’t belong to me They say that something wrong with me Red rum, red rum (eh) Hoodlum, I’m done (yeah) Dust on hell spawn (woah) We don’t get along [Verse 1] Rock with it, lean with it Styrofoam with […]