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Lil B – Let’s Meet Outro lyrics

(It’s Frankie! Frankie! Frankie!) Henry look, it’s Frankie. It’s Fr-Frankie! Frankie come here. Make room. Make room. Joey move over, move over. Let him sit there (Just was coming from a smoke) Frankie my boy! (Yes, Godfather, how are you doing?) It’s been a while (I know, it’s been lucrative) I’ve heard so many great […]

Lil B – Platinum Flame Headquarters lyrics

The Bay Area, California, where legends are made Like I said working with Lil B the BasedGod has lead me to Berkley, California Where’s that card at? Where’s the card that Lil B, he handed me? Oh here it goes. So I said I can’t read. Shit is… Cold and put card in to access […]