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Mick Jenkins – Barcelona Lyrics

[Verse: Mick Jenkins] Look, straight up and down, I never did the crooked They offered twenty, I’m worth more, I told my nigga, “book it” Praise God my position isn’t make or break it I just wanted to spend the weekend in Spain I meant it nice, don’t give a fuck about how niggas took […]

Shaqisdope – King Push

[Intro] I-I feel like I’m the last rap superhero [Verse 1] Wooo Crack in the parcels Gettin’ rich of makin’ a couple flips [?] Police on a hunt better not catch ya Interrogation dog then he dissect ya Niggas got beef they give me 2 clips all black mufucka I could direct ya Grindin’ All […]

Snoop Dogg – U Name It (Holiday Anthem) Lyrics

[Intro: DJ Battlecat & Snoop Dogg] Snoop Dogg, what’s up man, this Battlecat! What you havin’ for the holidays? Yeah, yeah, man, you know what I’m sayin. I was gettin’ me somethin’ to eat, man, but they ain’t even have nothin’ to eat at my girl house, man. Imma get on over to the pharmacy, […]