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Kodak Black – Brand New Glizzy

[Verse] I just bought a new Glock, cost me three fifty I used to let these niggas down so I sleep with it I be tryna chase my dreams but I be fighting demons My Glock got a dick, I even pee with it It’s a XD, boy don’t test me Do your homework, or […]

Wi$e – Black Magic

oah, spazzin’ Yeah, yeah, aight Black magic Moved to the A then a nigga started rappin’ (facts) Niggas wonder how it happened Told a bad bitch take a picture, what a savage Woah, neck on gold, nose ring full of carats Uh, blow it out the sunroof, nigga gettin’ careless Yeah, dick her down good, […]

L2B – Home lyrics

[Hook] I’m prolly faded when I hit the scene, Please don’t disturb me while I’m in my zone. I’m tryna pull up in something you aint never seen, While riding through my city feeling right at home, I let ’em know, I hold it down, Hold it down, hold it down, down, down, I hold […]