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Tom Grennan – Patience lyrics

[Verse 1] Guess I was born in a hurry, so it says in the stars Sometimes we move like lightning, still get stuck where we are Playing the long game means waiting Don’t have to wait on tomorrow So Imma pick my head up and go on with my days I see all the hustle-bustle […]

G-Eazy – Charles Brown lyrics

(feat. E-40 & Jay Ant) [Chorus: Jay Ant] Trying to know what the future holds But it ain’t for you to know I treat my self like the usual But it ain’t for you to know I’m thinkin’ clear, never losin’ hope But it ain’t for you to know Tell myself like usual But it […]

Drake – You Got Me ft Promise & Sacario Lyrics

[Verse 1: Promise] I Promise, I try College Did it but I quit it they couldn’t define knowledge For me, I got it, So I’m honest He living, Spitting Wisdom with some of the top artists Who are not flawless, but my part is Yet they don’t see what I’m doing is not (?) They […]

Lecrae – River Of Jordan (feat. Breyan Isaac) (From The Shack)

[Pre-Hook: Breyan Isaac] They say wash in the river of Jordan Wipe away your sins like I’ve done mine And the people then they’ll be equals There’s too many sinkholes we’ve left behind [Hook 1: Breyan Isaac] I’m losing my religion I’ve realized I wasn’t built for these conditions [Verse 1: Lecrae] Yeah I gave […]