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The Rolling Stones – Undercover Of The Night lyrics

[Intro] N. C. [Verse 1] Hear the screams of Center 42 Loud enough to bust your brains out The opposition’s tongue is cut in two Keep off the street cause you’re in danger One hundred thousand disparus Lost in the jails in South America [Chorus] Curl up baby Curl up tight Curl up baby Keep […]

Stu Larsen – I Will Be Happy And Hopefully You Will Be Too (Resolute Album)

I wanna house in the country I wanna house by the sea It doesn’t really matter where I live As long as you’re with me [?]Kyero Habla espaniol I wanna learn Japanese I don’t really mind if I can’t say a word As long as you’re with me I wanna visit South America And maybe […]

Passenger – When We Were Young

We used to never say never Used to think we’d live forever Flying free beneath the sun Days go running and hiding The weeks go slipping and sliding Years leave quicker every time they come Remember when we were young Look back to the best of days Collecting our yesterdays As they build up one […]