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Camila Cabello – Inside Out lyrics

[Intro] Mhmm Oh yeah, yeah, yeah [Chorus] I wanna love you inside out Wanna love you inside out Baby, give it to me, no doubt ‘Cause I wanna love you inside out (yeah, yeah, yeah) I wanna love you inside out Show me what your inside ’bout (yeah, yeah, yeah) I don’t wanna know no […]

2 Chainz – Riverdale Rd (Pretty Girls Like Trap Music Album)

[Intro] Yeaaaah, turn that maafaka up NOLAN. Woah, know what I’m saying, I wanna feel like I was in some muthafakin’ danger. I got my mothafuckin’ pistol in my pocket, ya dig? Yeah, in the booth, on some 5540 old national shit, you know what it is, nigga. We in the back, nigga, way in […]