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The Game – Cross on Jesus Back Lyrics

Play this song [Chorus: The Game] They put a cross on Jesus’ back They made him crawl ’til his knees was black They put a cross on Jesus’ back They made him crawl ’til his knees was black [Verse 1: D Smoke] Super good How many people endure that judgment? The steeple is meant to usher the presence of […]

Mario – Let Me Help You

[Hook: Maxo Kream] Hella’ barred out, you can barely understand me Popped eight xans, chew them just like candy I been going through bullshit with my family On the bullshit, got the Glock 9 handy In some bullshit everyday like a plumber Pulled ol’ girl off, I got the whole number Tryna’ fuck seventy-five hoes […]