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Lil Wayne – Fly Away lyrics

[Intro: dj Drama] Ahem I’d like for you to take this time And remember where you was The first time you heard Dedication If I asked you how many times you’ve listened to D2 Could you tell me? Dedication 3 was the first mixtape you heard When we had a black president D4 and 5, […]

Sugar Ray – Fly feat. Super Cat

What it is! All nice and easy slip of the curl This is Super Cat and Sugar Ray riding through Spread your love and fly, fly… All around the world, statues crumble for me Who knows how long I’ve loved you Everywhere I go people stop and they see Twenty-five years old, my mother, God […]

Rose Royce – Show Me lyrics

Ah yes baby you know I have a Rolls Royce A Mercedes Benz And a yacht out in marina Maybe we can take a trip And you know Just go out to the Bahamas Or Paris, or London, you know I know all the stars, baby In fact, Sugar Ray is a personal friend of […]