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Kreayshawn – I’m Depressed Freestyle Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] I don’t know what’s wrong It’s like, I’m sad, but I’m not crying I’m just sad Uh, you got me hot Y’all got me hot man You got me hot I’m just hot man [Verse 1] Ay, you really got me hot today And it ain’t about the [?] don’t talk to me Don’t call […]

Jake Paul – Saturday Night Lyrics

[Chorus: Chad Tepper & Jake Paul] What you doing this Saturday Night? Me and you, this Saturday Night We’ll be to the cribs this Saturday Night Netflix and Chill this Saturday Night Swipe a ride on you this Saturday Night Pizza and ranch this Saturday Night Chilling in my Calvin’s this Saturday Night Let’s get […]

Rick Ross – Buy Back The Block lyrics

Hey its your girl Super Cindy reporting live from the corner of 183rd Street and 27th Avenue at Checkers, in Miami Gardens. We got Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz, and Rick Ross. And we’re here for the buy back the block movement. Where we raise up the community and support and love us We own the […]