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YFN Lucci – At My Best Lyrics

[Intro] June your a genius Know we started from the bottom nigga Think It’s A Game You know you don’t hustle you don’t eat nigga You know if you broke you don’t sleep nigga You know, long live all my niggas Yeah [Verse 1] Look, aye keep that Glock by my tommy Boy you know […]

YFN Lucci – No More / No Way At All (Interlude) Lyrics

“No More” [Intro] It’s Buddha Beats Uh, fuck is going on, talk your shit nigga Uh, they ain’t fucking with my flow I’m the greatest yeah All this dope in a bowl I’m straight yeah Ima young fly nigga and I made it yeah [Chorus] Aye we ain’t worried bout nun, too many bitches I […]