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Troy Ave – Even With You Lyrics

Dedicated to the real ones who help me Imma [?] Now baby I don’t have everything But you my everything, it’s true On second thought, I take that back, can’t debate that fact I got everything cuz I got you And I swear, to love you forever And you don’t need a wedding ring You […]

Troy Ave – CiCi

[Intro] Shorty lethal, but I love it When I hit her with the (deeny?) I do not glove it [Chorus] I’m in love with a girl named CiCi She a pretty little thang and she freaky She the baddest little hoe in the tepee When she down or her knees then she please me She […]

Troy Ave – On My Birthday (Style 4 Free Issue 1 Album)

[Intro] Ay who celebratin a birthday? A one two, a one two Countin millions Not bad for a nigga from the mud I’m a pretty rich thug Word [Hook] x2 On my birthday looking like I hit the lotto Free money, free my dawgs out the yall know God is great and the paper straight […]

2016 rap up – Uncle Murda lyrics

Lyrics Uncle Murda – 2016 rap up Shit happens, niggas want me to talk about it They love gossip, b*tches want me to talk about it It’s all over the Gram so I’mma talk about it You heard what happened? Niggas want me to talk about it Shit crazy, niggas want me to talk about […]

Phresher – Wait A Minute (Remix) (feat. Remy Ma)

[Intro: Phresher] Wait, wait, wait, wait Wait, wait, wait, wait [Hook: Phresher] Wait, wait, wait a minute Wait, wait, wait a minute One god damn minute Hold up wait a minute I start shit then I finish Hard head I don’t listen Diamonds on my wrist glisten Nigga let me count ya minutes Wait a […]