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Tee Grizzley – I Spy Lyrics

It’s a movie in this bitch, I got that Uzi in this bitch You know I’m truely with the shits, nigga Ayy, long black [?], I call it big nigga (Big boy) Take a rapper his CD back, I can’t get jiggy (What a sucker) They gon’ think I’m beatin’ you up, look, baby, stop […]

Trill Sammy – Nobody Lyrics

[Chorus: Trill Sammy] I can’t trust nobody, so I just count up the loot I just spent 15, and put red bottoms on my shoes If she bad, know I’ma shoot, but my bitch don’t need no suit, yah Ridin’ in the coupe, so high up, need a parachute I can’t trust nobody, so I […]

Aminé – Hungry Hippo (Remix) Lyrics

[Intro] Let’s just Let’s ju- Let’s just do this and quit acting like We ain’t got life Let’s just do this It’s the remix baby (let’s just do this) [Chorus] She likes my diamonds and my pearls I said “thanks my girl designed it” Amine might just steal your girl If you call me Trey […]

Key Glock – Maybach Lyrics

[Intro] Sosa 808 got this bitch knockin’, nigga, ayy [Chorus] I jump out of the Maybach, Gucci flops and a wave cap I got all my chains on, but they like, “Where your shirt at?” Bitch, why you worried? I’m flexin’ on purpose (Yeah) Killers in my circle (Yeah), two straps on me, Urkel (Fire) […]

NAV – Champion lyrics

(feat. Travis Scott) [Intro: Travis Scott] Ballin’ like I’m in the NBA No, these racks cannot see TSA They found me, now I have to relocate [Chorus: Travis Scott & NAV] Finna take off on spaceship (spaceship) Dodgin’ these hoes like Matrix (Matrix) Ain’t fuckin’ her unless she nameless ‘Cause the last two was too […]

From First To Last – I Don’t Wanna Live In The Real World lyrics

[Verse 1] I wake up, turn on my TV, Never thought my shampoo could kill me. I walk outside, look up to the sky, So many chem-trails are passing by. [Chorus] I don’t wanna live in the real world, I don’t wanna live in the real world. Government mind control, MK Ultra, Blah, blah, blah, […]

Ab-Soul – INvocation Lyrics

Say hip hop (hip hop) Say hip hop (hip hop) [Hook: Ab-Soul] A.L. Now I lay me down to sleep L.A. I pray the Lord my soul’s a G H, wait if I OD before I wake I pray I resurrect with a hangover on the third day Godbody Cuz He is and I am […]