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Saukrates – Father Time (The Underground Tapes Remastered Reissue Album)

[Verse 1] Father Time ticks on to the early morning breaks of dawn I’m an emperor whose empire crushes the pawn I gave birth to a novel scene Stealing the cream, whoo blow out your smoke screen So, nigga freeze cause this MC in every degree Can have a punk spilling head cheese Saukrates a […]

Joe Budden – Pump It Up

Pump p-pump pump p-pump Pump p-pump pump it up Pump p-pump pump p-pump p-pump Pump p-pump pump it up (Just blaze) Pump p-pump pump it up We gon’ do it like (Uuh, uuh, uuh) Look, pump it up if you came to get it krunk With a dame and shit that’s drunk You came to […]