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Magnolia – Lil Wayne lyrics

Lyrics Lil Wayne – Magnolia Uhhh In New York like Biggie, ROC, plants in my sock She runnin’ from the c*ck and when I shoot I blatttt Yeah, tell that thot her number blocked Yeah, stuntin’ on the block This New Orleans, milly rock Let ’em milly rock You ain’t woe, don’t really rock Evidently […]

Yfs – Lil Wayne feat. Dj Stevie J lyrics

Lyrics Lil Wayne – YFS Young, fresh and shameless, young, fresh and shameless About to body slam the beat, Love Wrestlemania Love miscellaneous, f*ck instantaneous I’m busting nuts in her mouth, young macadamia Young, rich and famous, young rich and famous Young Money but the money so f*ckin’ ancient Buy wine, drink it, by God, […]