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Classified – Finish It Lyrics

Oh now look at what we started Oh now look at what we started Finish it Yeah, got a job to do (finish it) Got a problem with who? (Finish it) Wanna run the race (finish it) You gon’ run with Chase (finish it) Oh now pass that j right here lemme finish it I […]

XXXTENTACION – Shining Like the Northstar Lyrics

[Intro] Yuh Oh my god, Ronny! [Chorus] Audemar, huh, on God, huh Take it off, huh, get in car, huh Shorty ride dick like a pornstar, huh I’m a soul eater like Black Star, huh And she let me beat, feel it in her feet Diamonds in my teeth, talk ain’t cheap Waka-waka, eh, eh, […]

Mir Fontane – Frank Ocean

[Chorus] Lately I been wonderin’ why you don’t play my shit Claim you been a fan since I got beats from Soundclick But every time I see you, you play Drake’s old shit J. Cole shit FRANK OCEAN That’s everyday shit I ain’t hating, I just wanna be your favorite Understand that I’m a legend […]

Salive – Jul paroles

Paroles Jul – Salive J’les vois pas quand j’suis pas bien Envie de tous les insulter C’est la Ils attendent juste de me voir chuter J’ai saliver, saliver, gros J’ai salivé J’ai saliver, saliver, gros J’ai salive Trop de salopes qui veulent me voir à l’ombre Cette année j’vais mettre des buts J’vais me marquer […]