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Yellow Claw – To The Max lyrics

(feat. MC Kekel, Lil Debbie, Bok Nero, MC Gustta) [Verse 1: Bok Nero] Yellow Claw just hit my line So let’s get this fucking money When I start, keep it coming I like hundreds, I like twenties Got a bitch that look like Charlie And her pussy taste like honey I lay pipe just like […]

New world – Krewella feat. Yellow Claw lyrics

Lyrics Krewella – New world I’mma tell your girl she’s a mutt .. Could be living, could be living corner of the block We’d be rolling, we’d be rolling till the club (Rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling)(new world) Yeah a lady down in saki, yellow kitty eating Pocky Boss b***h, hella cocky, that’s whats up (that’s […]

Do you like bass – Yellow Claw ft. Juyen Sebulba lyrics

Lyrics Yellow Claw – Do you like bass Do you like bass in your motherf*ckin’ face. (x6) Swish that bass. Do you like baaass in your motherf*ckin’ face. (x4) Motherf*ckin’ face. Do you like baaass in your motherf*ckin’ faceee. (x4) Yellow Claw lyrics Video bass

City on lockdown – Yellow Claw lyrics

Lyrics Yellow Claw – City on lockdown Roof is blazin’ for me, let that motherf*cker burn now Tell these b*tches watch it, it’s my motherf*ckin’ turn now We blazin’, blazin’, why you hatin’? B*tch, we blazin’, blazin’, so amazing Everything is heat, b*tch, hot chick, hot wheel Burn it like a furnace, b*tch, ’cause all […]