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Beyonce And Jay-Z – Salud lyrics

Yo, Uhh Yo Yo (x2) (Beyonce) Put It on Ice, Celebrate that we made it I put it on Christ (That’s on God) Lord knows it takes Hella patience When yo name is ??? and these comments absurd and they swear they know you better than you know yourself Cuz you control yourself, It’s just […]

Joey Bada$$ – King Of The Jungle

[Intro] Yo Biggie! What up, son? What up, son? Yo! Yo drop that shit! [Sample] It’s Brooklyn in the house It’s Brooklyn in the house [Chorus] Iron fist Stuck in the lab like a scientist Killin’ everything in my environment I ain’t the one [Verse] I’m Brooklyn borough thorough King of the jungle now they […]