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The court in Kyiv gave 14 years to the military from the Crimea, who previously served in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

May 27, 2022 by Posted in: Lyrics

According to the prosecutor's office, Mikhail Kazarenko previously served in Crimea in the coast guard of the Ukrainian Navy, and in 2014 he transferred to the Russian Armed Forces. On February 25, he again ended up on Ukrainian territory and was soon captured alt=”Court in Kyiv gave 14 years to a military man from Crimea, who previously served in the Armed Forces of Ukraine” />

A court in Kyiv sentenced a soldier from Crimea to 14 years in prison, who served in the armed forces of Ukraine before the annexation of the peninsula to Russia. This is reported by the office of the country's Prosecutor General on its Facebook page (owned by Meta, whose activities are recognized as extremist in Russia and banned). He was found guilty of treason and desertion.

The Prosecutor General's Office did not give the name of the convict. Ukrainian edition of “Grati” reports that we are talking about Mikhail Kazarenko, who previously served in the Coast Guard of the country's Navy. In 2014, he joined the Russian Armed Forces.

According to the prosecutor's office, on February 25, the day after the start of the Russian military operation, the soldier again ended up in Ukraine as part of the Russian troops that entered Novaya Kakhovka, Kherson region, and was soon captured.

Earlier, the Ukrainian side reported sentencing two colleagues of Kazarenko: for example, the Dnipro court found Major Dmitry Shishkanov and Captain Igor Rudenko guilty of treason. They received 14 and 15 years in prison respectively.

On May 23, a court in Kyiv passed a sentence on Russian military Vadim Shishimarin, who was found guilty under Part 2 of Art. 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (violations of the laws and customs of war associated with premeditated murder). A 21-year-old serviceman was accused of killing a civilian in the Sumy region and sentenced to life imprisonment.

The court in the Poltava region is considering the cases of two more Russian military men— Alexander Bobykin and Alexander Ivanov, who are accused of violating the laws and customs of war. According to the investigation, they fired at “critical infrastructure facilities and residential buildings.” in the Kharkov region. The prosecutor's office requested 12 years in prison for each.

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Russia has been conducting a military operation in Ukraine since February 24. The Ministry of Defense claims that military personnel do not strike at civilian infrastructure facilities and their actions do not pose a threat to civilians.

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