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The head of the RDIF responded to the threat of possible US and EU sanctions

December 9, 2021 by Posted in: Lyrics

The head of the RDIF called the sanctions against sovereign wealth funds a risky step for the United States According to Dmitriev, sovereign wealth funds around the world are already in a nervous state, since “the constant printing of the dollar and the increase in US debt creates risks for their trillion-dollar investments in dollar instruments”

The head of the RDIF responded to the threat of possible US and EU sanctions

Kirill Dmitriev

Sanctions against the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) and the largest Russian banks, the introduction of which, according to Bloomberg, are being considered by the United States and the EU, will create serious risks for the United States itself, he said in an interview with Izvestia. Kirill Dmitriev, head of RDIF.

According to the head of RDIF, sovereign wealth funds of the world “ are already in a rather nervous state, because they see that the constant printing of the dollar and the increase in US debt creates risks for their trillion dollar investments. '' He expressed the hope that in Washington “ there will be economists and financiers who will suggest that any action against sovereign wealth funds can create very serious risks for the US financial system and the role of the dollar in the global economy. ''

Dmitriev added, that RDIF & mdash; this is a non-political fund: “ We invest a lot in non-political projects with actually 20 countries, we have created absolute trust with them. ''

Due to competition and the desire to contain Russia, the foundation “ constantly creates quite a few obstacles, '' Dmitriev said, but it continues to work. “ From ten years of existence, at least the last seven or eight, we have been living in a constant atmosphere of pressure from a number of states that do not like the fact that Russia is building powerful partnerships with other countries, '' & mdash; he stated.

According to Bloomberg, the US and the EU are considering a plan of sanctions against RDIF and large banks in the event of a “ Russian invasion of Ukraine. '' According to the agency's sources, among the most likely restrictions are a ban on converting rubles into dollars and other foreign currencies, including euros and pounds sterling, as well as a ban on buying Russian bonds on the secondary market.

As reported by CNN sources, the measures may affect the sovereign debt of Russia, and individuals “ from Putin's inner circle '', Russian energy companies and banks may also be included in the sanctions list. A radical option, according to the TV channel, is to disconnect Russia from the interbank SWIFT system.

The fact that Russia is starting to pull troops to the border with Ukraine and is going to “ attack '' country, Western media, including the Washington Post, Bild and others, reported back in October. The Russian Foreign Ministry, commenting on this data, stated that the actions of the Russian armed forces on the territory of Russia & mdash; “ the legal right of a sovereign state. '' Information about the intention to “ attack '' the Russian side has repeatedly denied Ukraine.

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