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Tommy Fain – Tenderness & Mercy lyrics

May 23, 2018 by Posted in: Lyrics

[Verse 1]
It happened not long ago
My emptiness and pride
Led me to my duplicity
Tempted by their lies
The prophets spoke of armies
They taught all to believe
The truth of their convictions
Their method to deceive

[Verse 2]
So I became a soldier
I gave it all my might
Doing all my master taught
Doing what was right
I battled for his glory
I battled in his name
I battled without mercy
Until my vision came

Illuminated by the light
That came from high above
I saw the battle raging, saw
The raven take the dove
The battlefield was littered
Both the sides had lost
The soldiers that remained were shamed
To recognize the cost

[Verse 3]
With blood upon my sword held high
I called out to my Lord
Have I done enough by now?
May I cut the cord?
I walked out through the wasteland
With the wounded and the lame
I cried out for my lover
I cried out for my pain

[Verse 4]
Then an alter made from lances
Was laid out in the field
To honor those who worshiped those
Whose message would not yield
And the sacrificial virgin was
Conscripted from above
To quench the thirst and be the first
To demonstrate her love

Some prophets lust for power
They huddle at your door
Begging your indulgence
But seeking so much more
Cloaked in claims of virtue
They try to get inside
With sinister agendas
To conquer and divide

[Verse 5]
By now I doubted what they taught
I doubted what they knew
The sacrifice was far too great
The gains, they were too few
And so I left their service
And now I walk alone
With tenderness and mercy
I’ll find my way back home
With tenderness and mercy
I’ll find my way back home

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