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United Russia has prepared answers to 10 myths about vaccinations

December 3, 2021 by Posted in: Lyrics

State Duma deputies from “United Russia” received recommendations on how to argue with opponents of vaccination. The theses touch upon the “number of the beast”, yellow stars, world government and the historical context from Stalin to Gorbachev

State Duma deputies from United Russia before the regional week, which involves working with voters in the regions and lasts from November 29 to December 5, we received methodological recommendations prepared by the party with arguments in favor of vaccination and the introduction of QR codes. The document is at the disposal of RBC, its authenticity was confirmed by two members of United Russia.

In the press service of United Russia in response to a request from RBC, they said that “ the party, together with the faction's staff, regularly prepare reference materials for deputies on key initiatives, bills, and current issues '': Government bills on additional measures to combat covid are no exception. This helps to increase the efficiency and expert support of the faction's work, to provide deputies with various textures for working with the media and voters. This is a systematic work that the party will develop, providing expert and informational and methodological support for the activities of the deputy corps. ''

Sending such recommendations & mdash; standard practice when it comes to important bills or issues important to the party. Usually, such documents describe in the abstract how deputies from the party or other representatives of the party should answer certain topics in communication with voters or in public space.

The guidelines for vaccination issues are titled Basic Arguments and Myths on Antique Limitations and Pandemic Response in Public Discussion. The document contains several sections with theses on what arguments to use in conversations with citizens, the media and during possible discussions in favor of vaccination and how to debunk the most common myths about it. A list of ten myths is also attached.

Among the myths that MPs are encouraged to answer:

  • The myth that QR codes & mdash; this is the 'start of the digital concentration camp' United Russia members are offered several answers. For example: “ Give up your TIN! In the early 2000s, there was a massive rejection of the introduction of the INN as a “ satanic codification of people '', then they talked about the “ number of the beast '' and a digital concentration camp. A whole generation has grown up since then, which does not even realize that it was numbered along with its parents, and it lives in a concentration camp. ''
  • Another myth is formulated as follows: “ Nobody canceled the decisions of the Nuremberg trials against fascism! Assigning a number to a person, as well as yellow stars, & mdash; you can't! '' The answer, according to the document, should be as follows: “ Show me the carriers of the INN, SNILS, burned in the furnaces and put on the lampshades, your individual passport number, which is in all electronic databases, show me the 'hundredth kilometer'; and the Law on Cook's Children, a ban on passports for collective farmers and a ransom bill from serfdom, European zoos with blacks in open-air cages, and places for blacks. in transport. That is, show me everything that Nuremberg condemned and that came back with digital quar codes and digital technology. It's juggling and manipulation. ''
  • As an example, the following myth is given: “ Vaccinated people also get sick! They are spreading the infection even more, why is it now possible for them to go everywhere, and not to the vaccinated? '' “ Are you a medic? '' the answer option is registered. & mdash; Why did not a single sick person go to their friends for treatment at Odnoklassniki, but are in hospitals? '' United Russia is invited to end this thought with the thesis that “ vaccinated people get sick easily, but not sick at all, if there was no increased viral load due to the large number of unvaccinated people around us. ''
  • The myth “ coronavirus vaccines have not been studied, their effectiveness has not been proven! '' a possible answer is given as follows: “ Then all vaccine developers, doctors and their relatives '' they are 'masochists and sadists' because they were the first to vaccinate themselves, to vaccinate their children and relatives. '' In addition, it is said that coronavirus vaccines have not been developed from scratch, “ more than 70 countries, led by the world's leading magazine Lancet. '' see the effectiveness of Russian vaccines, but Yuri Loza “ knows better. '' The following answer is also proposed: “ If the whole world, all doctors, all states, 'world government' ' and 'secret powers' united in a covid conspiracy against the anti-Axers, then the earth is really flat. ''
  • The myth “ we are chipped with a vaccine, then controlled with quar-code! '' it is recommended to answer like this. “ Who personally needs you to control you? What interest is your summer cottage or relationship with children? Is it interesting for the Pentagon, your governor or Brussels? Scientists argue about whether viruses can be embedded in human DNA, but the components of a vaccine, any vaccine – absolutely not! .. ''

How to use the 'historical context'

The document also contains a section 'What about the state? Historical context '': it sets out theses about possible actions on the part of prominent politicians if they faced opponents of vaccinations.

  • 'Under Stalin, the' conspiracy of obscurantists' was revealed and shot in each region, according to the order from the center, a certain number of “ anti-Axis '', & mdash; the authors of the document write;
  • “ Under Khrushchev & mdash; exiled to places not as distant as agents of imperialism ';
  • ' Under Brezhnev 'mdash; closed in a psychiatric hospital opponents of vaccinations and the decree of the Central Committee of the CPSU cut down the Internet as a source of “ enemy voices '';
  • “ Under Gorbachev, 'anti-axers' were announced “ an interesting phenomenon '', the people were treated with the help of Kashpirovsky and the healing loading of cans of water in front of the TV. '' deaths from disease. ''

As for modern Russia (the name of the current President Vladimir Putin is not mentioned in the document), in the section “ Comparative Context '' it is said: if we compare Russian restrictive measures with European or Asian ones, then our country acts much softer.

How to explain the current situation with the pandemic

data on how difficult the situation with the coronavirus epidemic in the country is (section “ There is no more time for conversations and persuasion! The situation is critical '').

The deputies are invited to operate with the following figures: in Russia, more than 30 thousand cases and more than 1000 deaths are recorded every day: “ 1000 deaths per day '' that's about 30,000 per month. Every month a pandemic takes away the population of a small town like Gudermes, Krasnoznamensk, Novokubansk, Lukhovits '', & mdash; specified in the document. When communicating, the deputies are invited to convey the idea that the “ persuasion of the '' anti-axers '' are expensive for the country and all citizens '' and the loss of life is comparable to the war. In addition, United Russia should remind people that doctors have suggested that anti-Axis visit the red zones. hospitals, but the MPs themselves should offer to “ join the work of volunteers and personally, not from the couch, get to know the situation. ''

What initiatives against the spread of covid are currently being discussed by MPs

In mid-November, the government submitted to the State Duma bills on the introduction of QR codes in public places and in transport. According to the initiative, visiting public places (the list of which should be established by the governors) and traveling by plane and train will be possible only if there is a document with a QR code confirming vaccination, past illness, or if there is a medical outlet. The first reading of the bills may take place on December 16. Currently, both documents have been sent to the regions. After the introduction of bills to the State Duma, protests against the introduction of QR codes were held in a number of regions: for example, in Kostroma, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Volgograd, Yekaterinburg.

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