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Vicki Valle – Come Celebrate Christmas lyrics

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[Verse 1]
Jesus our Savior,
God’s gift of His love.
Born in a stable,
A star shines above.
Angels declare Him as
God’s begotten Son.
Come celebrate Christmas

[Verse 2]
Shepherds come searching,
All through the night.
Wise men come follow,
A star’s shining light.
When they all find Him
Rejoice they as one.
Come celebrate Christmas

[Verse 3]
Jesus our Savior,
Redeemer and King,
Came to this earth
Salvation to bring.
Glory to God for the
Gift of His Son.
Come celebrate Christmas


[Verse 4]
Come now with instrument.
Play clear and strong.
Come now and raise your voice,
Join now in song.
Let us rejoice and give
Glory unto God.
Come celebrate Christmas

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