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Weezer – Happy Hour

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I’m like Stevie Ray Vaughn on the stage
High on music
Teeth grinding
Sweating under the lights
But then my boss calls and she’s crushing me with a 20-ton weight Just like in Monty Python
Somebody left on the sink, it’s still running
My eyes are gonna overflow.(happy hour)

I need happy hour on sad days
I need happy hour I can’t wait.

I’m like Ponce de Leon Sailing on a ship for the new world
Checking out the birds and flowers
Let’s chill out on this island I’ve been, sucking on a lime and coconut.
I think I could stay here for the rest of my life
Please don’t ever make me go home.

I need happy houuur on sad days
It’s my happy houuur I can’t wait.

Maybe I’ll meet a scientist In sweatpants and a hair tie
We’ll conversate about ghetto birds and midi keyboards
Then we’ll slow dance
Head on my shoulder
Swaying back and forth
and My friends look on and smile
Everything gonna be alright.

It’s my happy houuur on sad days
I need happy houuur, I can’t wait
I need happy houuur to save me
I need happy houuur, I can’t waittt.

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