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Westside Gunn – Eric B (Hitler On Steroids Album)

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[Verse 1: Westside Gunn]
Yo, turned Judas for the Yeezy 2’s
Balmain biker suit with no bike
The Royce got no roof
Feel like I’ve been sellin’ dope my whole life
Celine on my team, A.P.C Kanye saggin’ in my dreams
Ran trains on Vera Wang, pray for Paris then you pray for me
Madonnas on the mock necks
Wave the MACs out the drop pair
Sportin’ DM in the BMs
Even the blind man he tryin’ to see the Feds
So now these all have zip
Sharks on the Givenchys, who wanna swim?
Gargle with Belaire, beware
Style so dope, Versace brains on the stairs
Elegance, Pyrex for measurements
Iceberg history, your misery, your missin’ the concepts
Android homie, your home, where the work?
Just [?], Dobermans on the shirt
Before I starve, hit [?] with a mop
Breakin’ bricks at Joyrich, we rich
Shootouts at Bally’s, left his brains on the suede joints
Yo Lord, I think I’m motherfuckin’ hit
Throwin’ testers out the window
Fiends scramblin’, I’m just dancin’ in my Kenzo
Pump the Enzo, wack crack spot mascots
For more [?] drug dealer dreams came true
Don’t get your moms burried, stylin’
Margiela Gats and the most sane
Pissin’ D’Ussé for a week straight
Saint Laurent over the Glock, kick in your door
All you seen was red bottom on the moccasins

Thank God he gave us drug dealin’
Thank God he gave us drug dealin’
Thank God he gave us drug dealin’

[Verse 2: Westside Gunn]
Yo, got the [?] joint watermelon
You saw the real in my eyes to where your powder swimmin’
Will fly fry God blessin’ America
Pardon my back, Pyrex, two-three cover the MAC
Immaculate with a half a brick
Bag the fish, then I scramble like [?]
Niggas know my repertoire, I dropped real tears when kid shot Escobar
Best of all time when it come down to this fly shit
All star, my rhyme, crime, drive-bys, line for line sick
Sportin’ [?] in Doomsday, compare me to [?], room spray
Got the beam on the Glock tip
Popped up in the drop six and shot flips
Caused the riot up at [?]
Gas stoves, use the hammer or the fork

Thank God he gave us drug dealin’
Thank God he gave us drug dealin’
Thank God he gave us drug dealin’
Thank God he gave us drug dealin’

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