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What is the matter about the illegal hunting of State Duma Deputy Valery Rashkin?

December 3, 2021 by Posted in: Lyrics

On December 2, the chairman of the RF IC Alexander Bastrykin opened a criminal case against the deputy against the State Duma of the Russian Federation from the Communist Party faction Valery Rashkin . & nbsp; He is charged with a crime under Part & nbsp; 2 Art. & Nbsp; 258 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (illegal hunting). & Nbsp;

Recall that on November 25, on the basis of the collected investigative materials, the State Duma deprived Rashkin of parliamentary immunity. & Nbsp;

What animal did Rashkin kill?

The next established that on the night of 28 October 29, 2021, Rashkin, together with the company, hunted on the territory of the hunting estate “ Winch '' in the Saratov region. & nbsp; With this used permit for the extraction of hunting resources, the deputy did not have. & nbsp;

During the hunt, he killed a wild moose with a personal carbine. “After which Rashkin informs the RF IC,” measures to conceal his weapon, “and his friends butchered the animal's carcass with knives and an ax.” The meat was put in the trunk of the car. ” Lada Largus '', after which they left the hunting ground.

However, the hunters could not go far. & Nbsp; Their car, driven by Rashkin himself, was & nbsp; & nbsp; detained by an employee of the Committee of Hunting and Fishing of the Saratov Region, who discovered the fact of illegal production of a wild animal, the department noted.

How did Rashkin behave during the arrest?

During the arrest, the deputy told the inspector, who was filming what was happening on a video camera, that he had found the carcass of a dead elk in the forest during a walk, butchered it with friends and decided to take the pieces of meat home.

As the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation will later report, in connection with signs of alcoholic intoxication with Rashkin, the hunting inspector summoned the traffic police officers to the place of detention.

“ Having recorded a sharp smell of alcohol and speech impairment emanating from him. & nbsp; Rashkin was offered to undergo a medical examination. & nbsp; However, he refused & raquo ;, – said Gazeta. & nbsp; ru & nbsp; Prosecutor General of Russia Igor Krasnov. & Nbsp;

Later, the parliamentarian confessed that he had really killed an elk, but because of his poor appearance he first mistook him for a large wild boar. & Nbsp; Rashkin, that during the & nbsp; & nbsp; hunting & nbsp; & nbsp; was sober and thought that all the accompanying & nbsp; & nbsp; documents for shooting animals were with his friends. & nbsp; They allegedly assured the deputy that they had a hunting permit.

“ I realized that I became a victim of circumstances when I arrived at the invitation of friends on a fishing trip and a possible hunt. & nbsp; I was misled by the information about the availability of legal and executed documents for hunting. & nbsp; As a result, people unknown to me who participated in a provocation against me & raquo; & nbsp ;, – said Rashkin.

According to the Prosecutor General, Rashkin initially refused to cooperate with the law enforcement group, gave false explanations & nbsp; & nbsp; and hid the instruments of the crime. & Nbsp; In addition, he has 20 years of hunting experience (in particular, obtaining a permit for the extraction of animals). & Nbsp; Moreover, , Rashkin & nbsp; & nbsp; & laquo; & nbsp; entered into an agreement with persons familiar to him to commit an illegal hunt, '' Krasnov explained.

“ According to its proof, evidence of the commission of a crime by Rashkin Valery Fedorovich under Part 2 of Art. – noted Krasnov.

According to the Prosecutor General, the damage caused by Rashkin is estimated at 80 thousand rubles.

What punishment threatens Valery Rashkin?

Under Part 2 of Art. restriction of freedom for up to years.

In addition, Rashkin can be brought to administrative responsibility in court under Part 2 of Art. & nbsp; 12.26 of the Administrative Code intoxicated '). & nbsp; This article provides for arrest for up to 15 days and a fine of 30 thousand rubles.

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